Intermediate Algebra

Alphabetized List of Mathematical Concepts 


Complete Table of Contents For Videos

Linear Equations in One Variable
1.1 Video
Review for Test 1
1.2 Video Review for Test 2
Applications of Linear Equations
1.3 Video Review for Test 3
Linear Inequalities in One Variable
1.5 Video Review for Final Exam
Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
1.7 Video Worksheets
The Rectangular Coordinate System
2.1 Video Powerpoints
The Slope of a Line
2.2 Video Montemayor T4
Linear Equations in Two Variables
2.3 Video Paper Copy T4
Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
2.4 Video
Introduction to Functions
2.5 Video
Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
3.1 Video
Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation
4.1 Video
Polynomial Functions
4.3 Video
Multiplying Polynomials
4.4 Video
Dividing Polynomials
4.5 Video
Greatest Common Factors: Factoring by Grouping
5.1 Video
Factoring Polynomials
5.2 Video
Special Factoring
5.3 Video
A General Approach to  Factoring
5.4 Video
Solving Equaions by Factorings
5.5 Video
Rational Expressions and Functions: Multiplying and Dividing 6.1 Video

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
6.2 Video

Complex Fractions
6.3 Video

Equations with Rational Expressions and Graphs
6.4 Video

A;pplications or Rational Expressions
6.5 Video

Radical Expressions and Graphs
7.1 Video

Rational Exponents
7.2 Video

Simplifying Radical Expressions
7.3 Video

Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions
7.4 Video

Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions
7.5 Video

Solving Equations with Radicals
7.6 Video

Complex Numbers
7.7 Video

The Square Root Property
8.1 Video

The Quadratic Formula
8.2 Video

More about Parabola: Applications
8.6 Video