Quiz 10: More Tube Feeding Problems

1.                  The order is for Ensure 300 cc q6h.  Ensure provides 250 cal/ 8 oz.  How many calories per day would the patient receive?

2.                  The order is for  strength Ensure at 75 cc/ hr via infusion pump.  Ensure provides 250 cal per 8 oz.  How many calories per day would the patient receive?

3.                  The physician had ordered a 1500 cal/ day tube feeding with Isomil.  Isomil supplies 20 cal/ oz.  The nurses were giving 250 cc with 100 cc water q4h.  Were the nurses correct in their calculations?  How many total daily calories was the patient receiving?

Problems 4 7 refer to the following problem:

A continuous drip feeding with Ensure is ordered.  Ensure provides 250 cal/ 8 oz.  The feeding (Ensure and water) is to provide 1500 cc/ 1000 cal per day.

4.                  How many ccs Ensure and how many ccs water per 24 hr. are needed to provide an accurate fluid and caloric intake?

5.                  How many cc/ hr would need to infuse?

6.                  How many cans of Ensure would be administered per day?

7.                  How much water per can of Ensure would be added?

8.                  Intermittent tube feedings are to be given q4h.  Enrich formula, which provides 260 cal/ 8 oz. is to be used.  The order for a 24 hr. period is 2000cc/ 1200 cal.  How many ccs Enrich and how many ccs water should be given with each feeding?

9.                  The order is for Ensure 2000 cal per NG tube/ day divided into 8 feedings.  Ensure provides 250 cal/ 8 oz.  How many ml would be given per feeding?

10.              Dr. J. orders an 1800 cal daily tube feeding with Enrich to be given q4h.  Enrich provides 260 cal/ 8 oz.  How many mL should be given per feeding?

11.              The doctor has ordered a tube feeding to be strength Ensure.  How many ccs water would you add per 8 oz. Can of Ensure?

12.              The doctor has ordered a tube feeding to be strength Ensure.  How many ccs water would be added per 8 oz. Can Ensure?

13.              Mrs. S is receiving strength Vivonex at 50 cc/hr. per gastro-tube.  Vivonex delivers appoximately 300 cal/ 300 cc after it is reconstituted.  How many calories would Mrs. S receive per 24 hours?

14.              Mrs. M. is receiving Ensure Plus via NG tube at 60 cc/ hr. Ensure Plus delivers 375 cal/ 8 oz. What is Mrsl Ms daily caloric intake?

15.              Mrs. G is receiving Jevity (250 cal/ 8 oz.) at 60 mL/ hr.  She is to receive an additional 255 mL water during a 24 hour period.  How many mLs and how many calories is Mrs. G. receiving daily?

16.              In problem 15, how much water should be put down the NG tube each time a can of Jevity is added to give an extra 255 mL of water per day?

17.              Mr. J is receiving a pureed 2000 calorie diet per NG tube.  In addition, he is receiving 1 can of Jevity (250 cal/ 8 oz)  per shift.  What is his daily caloric intake?

18.              Mr. D is on a Heparin drip for thrombophlebitis.  The order reads D5 NS (1000 cc) with 20, 000 units heparin at 60 cc/ hr.  How many units of heparin is Mr. D. receiving per hour?

19.              Two 4 oz. Cans of formula and 80 cc water were added to the feeding bag.  What strength feeding had been ordered?

20.              Mr. R. is to receive milk through his NG tube at 30 cc/ hr.  Milk supplies 90 cal/ cup. And is available in quart containers.  How many calories per day is Mr. R. receiving?




1. 1250 cal/ day

6. 4 cans/ day

11. 240 mL

16. 42.5 mL water each can

2. 1406.3 cal/ day

7. 135 cc water/ can

12. 80 cc water

17. 2750 cal/ day

3. No  1000 cal/ day

8. 184.6 Enrich and 148.74 cc water

13. 600 cal/ day

18. 1200 units per hour

4. 960 cc Ensure and 540 cc water

9. 240 cc

14. 2250 cal/ day

19. or 75%

5. 62.5 cc/ hr

10. 276.93 mL/ feeding

15. 1500 cal/ day

20. 540 cal/ day


16. First you need to find out how many cans of Jevity you need to use in a day to deliver 60 mL/hr.

cans/day = 1 can/240mL x 60 mL/hr x 24 hr/day = 6 cans/day

Next you need to give a total of 255 mL of water per day in divided doses with each can so divide 6 into 255 which equals 42.5 mL of water with each can of Jevity.